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I think love is concern to something or somebody.我认为爱就是对你所爱的事物或者人的关心。 For example: I love my country, that mean I'll be proud of the sucess that China wins. 比如说:我爱国,我会以中国的成功为骄傲。 Or I love...


what love is mean 爱是什么意思 1 Love is what you mean tome& and you mean everything. 爱就是你们对于我的意义&你们就是一切。 2 Love is, what you mean to me-and you mean everything. 爱是,你在我心中的分量&而你,就是一切。

Love does not mean love, I just have a crush on someone, does not mean I like him 爱情并不意味着爱情,我只是对某人的迷恋,并不意味着我喜欢他

Today , I'm giving a speech about Differences between Love and Friendship. Friendship is like a plant while love is the flower it grows. Friendship is very pure , a friend may ask nothing from you while a lover does. Having a f...


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Ever wonder about what he's doing曾今想知道他...But just because it burns,doesn't mean you're...Why do we fall in love so easy Even when it...

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