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I think love is concern to something or somebody.我认为爱就是对你所爱的事物或者人的关心。 For example: I love my country, that mean I'll be proud of the sucess that China wins. 比如说:我爱国,我会以中国的成功为骄傲。 Or I love...

Love is deepest and utmost emotion to us human. It has many various meanings to different persons. But, generally, love means gold, means happiness and means success. Within society, especially in corporations, everyone not onl...

你想表达的应该是:什么是爱情,爱情又意味着什么?英文是what is love? what does love mean ?

what love is mean 爱是什么意思 1 Love is what you mean tome& and you mean everything. 爱就是你们对于我的意义&你们就是一切。 2 Love is, what you mean to me-and you mean everything. 爱是,你在我心中的分量&而你,就是一切。

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Today , I'm giving a speech about Differences between Love and Friendship. Friendship is like a plant while love is the flower it grows. Friendship is very pure , a friend may ask nothing from you while a lover does. Having a f...

the love does not mean to look at each other.but to look the same direction

I mean what you think about love ?的意思 我的意思是你是怎么看待爱情的? I mean what you think about love ?的意思 我的意思是你是怎么看待爱情的?

Dilemma---Nelly&Kelly Rowland 歌词如下: (Kelly) I, love you and I, need you Nelly I, love you, I do Need you No matter what I do, All I think about is you Even when I'm with my boo, Boy, ya know I'm crazy over you No matter wh...

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