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bookworm 英 [ˈbʊkwɜ:m] 美 [ˈbʊkwɜ:rm] n. 书呆子,蛀书虫; [网络] 蠹鱼; 书痴; 蛀书虫; [例句]The bookworm in uniform is informed of the storm. 穿制服的书呆子得到暴风雨的动静。 [其他] 复数:bookworms ...

Bookworm The term "bookworm" is used in two senses. The first refers to any type of insect which infests books, while the other refers to a person who enjoys books. The second may be used pejoratively, suggesting that the perso...

是一个品牌, 不是一个名牌。 Made in China

connectionString="Server=(local);Database=wormbook;uid=sa;pwd=sa;" 改这句话就行了。 Server是服务器,(local)即为本地数据库,或者你还可以写IP...

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